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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tamil Padam Movie Download (2010)

Tamil Padam (2010) Movie Download

Tamil Padam Movie Download (2010)

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Film: Tamil Padam (2010)

Cast: Siva, Disha Pandey, M S Baskar, Vennira Aadai Moorthy, Manobala
Direction: C S Amudhan
Production: Dayanidhi Alagiri
Music: Kannan

Movie Review : It’s a brilliant idea, to make a mocumentary of Tamil cinema, and the very concept raises your expectations. Of course Hollywood has been experimenting with spoofing of films, in various genres, from the 1940s, with ‘My Favourite Brunette’ being the earliest, and the ‘Scary Movie’ series the latest.

Spoofs work largely on two aspects-- the ability to identify films which lend themselves to being poked at, and a variety of roles which showcase the done-to-death plots. Tamil cinema has plenty to offer in both areas. From the dialogues of ‘Parasakthi’, the mother sentiment first popularised by MGR, the performance-packed scenes in ‘Thillana Mohanambal,’ the larger than life roles of Sivaji Ganesan, immortal scenes such as the ones between Nagesh and Sivaji in ‘Thiruvilayadal, the Kamal-Rajni combo when they played hero and villain and a thousand more.

The trick is to set up a teaser, a kind of spot-the film and the situation type of contest so that fans get into a tizzy for two-and-a-quarter hours, in trying to crack the clues. ‘Tamil Padam’ begins in Cinemappati, a fictional village where male infanticide is forced on the villagers. Why? Because all the village youth migrate to Chennai and within a year ‘declare themselves as international superstars or future chief minister.’
Shiva (Shiva) a new born, however talks his way out of his impending death and is smuggled out to Chennai by ‘Paravai’ Muniamma who dons the role of his grandmother. And as the camera pans over Central Station, an auto driver raises the question, "Aren’t there other landmarks?" Bingo!

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